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Blackouts checklist

Checklists: helping you and your doctor reach a diagnosis

For many reasons, reaching the correct diagnosis for a cardiac arrhythmia can be difficult and time-consuming. To facilitate rapid diagnosis whenever possible, Arrhythmia Alliance worked in partnership with medical experts to develop a series of checklists.  These are designed to provide patients with practical information and to help them prepare for GP and hospital visits.  The checklists help gather important information about symptoms and aim to ensure that time spent with a doctor is as valuable as possible.

Do you suffer from unexplained falls? seizures? faints? or blackouts?

If you experience falls, blackouts, faints or seizures that are unexplained or that have not responded to treatment, please download the Blackouts Checklist.  The checklist is designed to help you and your doctor determine whether or not your symptoms are caused by a cardiac arrhythmia.  Very few doctors are trained to identify and treat arrhythmias, and very few people are aware that an electrical problem with the heart can usually be treated safely and effectively. If you want to learn more about blackouts, and to prepare for an appointment with a GP or a specialist, please download and fill in the Blackouts Checklist.