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Palpitations checklist

Checklists: helping you and your doctor reach a diagnosis

For many reasons, reaching the correct diagnosis for a cardiac arrhythmia can be difficult and time-consuming. To facilitate rapid diagnosis whenever possible, Arrhythmia Alliance worked in partnership with medical experts to develop a series of checklists.  These are designed to provide patients with practical information and to help them prepare for GP and hospital visits.  The checklists help gather important information about symptoms and aim to ensure that time spent with a doctor is as valuable as possible.

Have you been concerned about palpitations?

When someone becomes uncomfortably aware of their heart beating, it is often described as experiencing a palpitations The sensation may be awareness of isolated single beats that are different from normal, or may be associated with a feeling that the heart is beating abnormally fast or irregularly. Such sensations can occur due to normal variations in the heart rhythm, but can also indicate the presence of an abnormal heart rhythm – a cardiac arrhythmia.

If you’re considering seeing your GP because of palpitations, please download and read the Palpitations Checklist to help prepare for your appointment.